What We Offer

Cabinet Painting

Loomis Painting Services offers an incredible cabinet painting service for all of its clients at an excellent price. We have a wide range of colors, coats, stainers, and polishes that are sure to bring out your cabinets’ natural aesthetic. We work quickly and efficiently to get every job done. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting service is our bread and butter! We have an incredibly skilled team of painters on staff who will work with your to ensure that your property’s painting needs are met! We will paint the outside of your home or business with a level of professional diligence that will exceed your expectations. We have all of the colors and coats you will ever need to revitalize your property. Call us today for more information!

Paint Removal

The paint removal service at Loomis Painting Services is perfect for folks looking to get rid of their old layers of paint and lay down a fresh coat to enhance their home or business’s appearance! Our painters make that process easy for our customers by safely and carefully removing all of your unwanted paint in record time. We have the tools, skills, and equipment to get the job done with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today to schedule your first appointment!


Other Services

✔ Commercial Services
✔ Specialty Finishes
✔ Trim & Baseboard Painting
✔ Wallpaper Removal
✔ Color Matching
✔ Residential Services
✔ Staining & Varnishing
✔ Ceiling & Wall Painting

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